The ultimate resource for help assembling flat pack funriture in the UK.


Flat Pack Helping You

NB: This website is under constant development and changes frequently. however it has grown to be quite large. If there are any errors or broken links, they are in the process of being fixed.

Flat pack furniture by its very nature is easy to store, transport and deliver through difficult entrances compared to ready built furniture and will be with us a long time.

However furniture varies considerably in quality and ease of assembly. Although almost all items ont he market (despite what the instructions say!) can be built by one person. Some large bulky items may need more than person especially if you are not physically fit and string.

Two heads are often better than one when it comes to figuring out instructions, so if you don't have good spatial awareness and patience the process may also be fraught.

This website is here to offer hints and tips when you feel yourself coming to a grinding halt with flat pack assembly as well as people you can contact to help you finish it or even build it for you in the first place!

I've tried to structure it in a meaningful way so that it is easy to find information, but it is a work in progress and will develop over time. For example the flat pack furniture suppliers list is likely to grow and may well be replaced with a drop down list?

I started writing a blog about some of the things I get asked to build and some of the things I encounter just to add a bit of variety really.

This website is a forum full of tips and tricks to help you avoid the pitfalls of selecting and installing your flatpack furniture. As well as a comprehensive FAQ, an ASK A QUESTION section, we can also put you in touch with experts, people who make a living assembling flat pack furniture or finishing off flat pack failures!